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Back-Up System...

We do backups on a daily basis. Don't settle for weekly backups when your data is on the line! It is a fact of life - even the best hardware can fail.

You can managed your back-ups via your Control Panel easily... just point and click and you can download a complete backup copy of your website directly to your hard drive.

Or, take advantage of our automatic daily backup service*. Backups are performed on a daily basis and are stored in vast data library. You do not need to buy any special equipment or backup tapes...

We use SCSI hard drives for fast backup and recovery. The backup hardware is stored in a separate secure area of our data center. Backup includes: 

  • Daily/weekly backup of your server hard drive/s.
  • Secure, physically separate, storage on-site. 
  • FREE Data recovery if your disk is damaged. 
  • FREE Installation of data into your new hardware.
  • Faster data transfer rates - faster backup, faster recovery. 
  • Less demanding on the system - server performance minimally affected during backup. 
  • Substantially longer lifetime compared to tapes. 
  • RAID 5 based backup system offers high performance and reliability. 

FREE DAILY BACKUP PROTECTION gives you peace of mind. Recovering lost data is a tedious, labor intensive and time consuming exercise, leading to great expenses to the affected customers and keeping our technical support staff from more productive work.

*$70.00 Restoration Fee Per Incident.

  Home Control Bonuses FAQ

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